November 25 is White Monday

White Monday is the annual day highlighting the circular economy. Today, November 25, White Monday stands out as a conscious consumer challenge to Black Friday. 


White Monday was founded in 2017 in Malmö, Sweden, by the circular cloth-repair start-up Repamera AB. They played “the opposite game” with Black Friday, seeing the need for a day promoting "circular consumption." In 2018 the The Swedish Association of Responsible Consumption joined the team, and continue to promote this event.

The idea of White Monday started as a play of opposite to the mega-sales day “Black Friday”. While Black Friday promotes linear, use and throw-away hyper-consumption and competition, the opposite is circular consumption & collaboration. 

What is circular economy?

"A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems" (Ellen McArthur Foundation.) Simply put, circular economy is about sharing, renting, mending, borrowing, upcycling, redesigning and recycling. It is the new way of doing things, less wasteful, more aware, more responsible.

Interested in learning more?

Visit the White Monday website and learn more about how you can join with other individuals, organizations and businesses to share these ideas and actions.