Bringing together different threads in designing solutions

Responding to basic needs and complex problems calls for linking ideas and knowledge with skills and vision, resulting in coordinated action and results. Libraries and universities collecting and teaching theory, facts and history remain elite activities if they are inaccessible and aloof from the knowledge and needs of practitioners beyond the commercial sector.

While linkage between knowledge and action may seem obvious, too often there is a gap rather than equal exchange. In a time of climate change and deepening inequality and conflict, such gaps need to be bridged and crossed. Obstacles to change, structural, ideological and behavioral, need to be studied and shared in public dialogue and mobilized in initiatives and informed policies. Especially during a time of skepticism about science and "alternative facts", knowledge from research and practice needs to be equally shared and applied to to crises threatening us today. Science and technology need to be mobilized beyond the production and consumption of commercial goods and services, directed toward transitions to sustainability.


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