Global Climate Action Summit Event in Montgomery County

On Aug 14, One Montgomery Green (OMG)Integrative Strategies Forum (ISF)Poolesville Green (PG) and the Office of Councilmember Tom Hucker organized "Leading the Way: Montgomery County Confronts Climate Change," a public meeting to inform and discuss local actions to address climate change, the county’s programs as reported in its Climate Mobilization Report, and programs and policies  to help address climate change and meet the county’s ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gases. The event was organized in conjunction with the Global Climate Action Summit, September 12-14, 2018, in San Francisco as a local, affiliate event.

More than 80 county residents, specialists, stakeholders and public officials attended and reflected expertise in many different aspects of the climate change challenge. After welcome remarks from Councilmember Hans Riemer and a keynote address by Patty Bubar, Deputy Director or the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, the participants broke into small groups to discuss several thematic topics, including — Land and Ocean Stewardship, Healthy Energy Systems, Sustainable Communities, and Climate Change Economics. The resulting discussion points and suggestions from the thematic groups will serve to inform an outcome document, Leading the Way: Montgomery County Confronts Climate Change, that will be presented to county leaders and released to the public at a public briefing scheduled for Sept. 12 at the County Council Office Building in Rockville.

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