Bridging the Knowledge/Action Gap to Sustainable Lifestyles

September 13, 2016, Washington, DC. An international consortium of researchers and stakeholders from around the world are undertaking, through the "Mobilizing Research for Sustainable Lifestyles" initiative, or "MORE SL", a two-year process focusing on the challenge of "bridging the knowledge/action gaps" that continue to undermine the transition of communities around the world toward adoption of sustainable lifestyles.

While researchers, policymakers, and others have long acknowledged that unsustainable consumption and production practices and policies are at the root of many of today's serious problems, the problems (e.g., climate change, biodiversity loss, waste and pollution, environmental health risks) continue to grow. In addition to major economic transformations in production and investment, the world needs MORE SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLES.

Between now and the end of 2018, MORE SL working groups and members will engage in a four-stage project, "From Knowledge to Action", promoting greater awareness and information about the value and benefits of sustainable behavior as well as generating better understanding of the gaps between knowledge and action, and fostering the kinds of knowledge networks, communities of practice and strategy collaborations needed to bridge those gaps.

Co-led by ISF and GRF (represented by One Earth Initiative), MORE SL will be engaging in the following four activities:

  1. Mapping and overview of the current state of sustainable lifestyle knowledge and action.
  2. Identifying and addressing barriers and knowledge/action gaps.
  3. Exploring strategies and future scenarios through Sustainable Lifestyle Labs.
  4. Measuring and monitoring progress towards sustainable practices and lifestyles.

Upcoming MORE SL events include:

  • Workshop on cities and sustainable lifestyles (Singapore, November 2016)
  • Panel on sustainable lifestyles and the circular economy (World Resources Forum, Helsinki 2017)
  • GRF international conference on "Sustainable lifestyles, livelihoods and the circular economy" (Brighton , UK, June 2017)