One Montgomery Green (OMG) fosters partnerships to support environmental sustainability and promote the development of a green economy. OMG acts as a catalyst for environmental responsibility among businesses, residents and government to improve the quality of life for all of Montgomery County. We do this by:

  • Modeling and promoting sustainability in our county;
  • Educating citizens and the business community about new sustainable initiatives from all sectors of society as well as government programs;
  • Documenting and measuring the county’s progress in greening the economy;
  • Sponsoring and supporting sustainable initiatives that will support a green economy.

One of the initial exciting new projects is a mapping effort. OMG will map green assets that already exist and identify new and under-served opportunities to develop green solutions. OMG has begun to identify sustainable and green-oriented companies, other organizations countywide and resources in specific sectors with an emphasis on Silver Spring and Wheaton.