Jeffrey Barber


Since joining ISF in 1992, Jeffrey Barber has engaged in both public interest advocacy and organizing efforts, nationally and internationally, focusing especially on the importance of strategic collaboration among environmentalists, consumer and health advocates, community development and social justice activists, trade unions, and other members of civil society.

Currently, Mr. Barber works with a number of civil society networks and coalitions, including as Co-Chair of the Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED) and as Northern Co-Chair of the NGO Caucus on Sustainable Production and Consumption at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development. In his NGO work at the UN, Mr. Barber has actively participated since 1995 in the Commission for Sustainable Development, the OECD (on the revision of the OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises and with the OECD's Sustainable Development Plan), the UN Summit on Social Development, and the UN Conference on Human Settlements. Mr. Barber is one of the founders of the Sustainable Development Issues Network (SDIN) for the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Prior to ISF, Mr. Barber spent more than a decade working in social policy and public opinion research at nationally-known organizations, as Director of Media Research for Peter D. Hart Research Associates, as manager of Audience and Program Research for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, as Project Director of Custom Market Research for Arbitron Ratings Company, and as Communications Analyst at Stanford Research Institute (SRI International). Mr. Barber received his BA in psychology and MA in social science from San Francisco State University.