Integrative thinking

Below are some of the links we've found in initial research for integrative thinking, as it applies to civil society organizations and sustainability.

integrative thinking

The Art of Integrative Thinking

A Primer on Integrative Thinking

integrative knowledge

"Evidence of analytical and integrative thinking" by James B. Young

"How do you teach integrative thinking?"

Integrative thinking and psychology

integrative thinking and leadership

Recognition, redistribution and democracy: Dilemmas in Honneth's integrative theory," by Christopher Zurn (2002)
* note: get his permission (draft paper)

International Centre for Integrative Studies

action research

"Action research and social movement: a challenge for policy research," Stephen Kemmis (1993)

"Overview of the methodological approach of action research," by Rory O'Brien (1998)

Handbook of Action Research

references on action research

action research resources

action research: more resources

Centre for Action Research and Training (India)

Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice -University of Bath

Participatory Action Research Center - Cornell (USA)

action research (Germany)

action research links (Nov 2002)


What is bioregionalism - World Resources Institute

What is bioregionalism? - Great River Earth Institute

Bioregionalism - Planet Drum (2002)

bioregionalism (Australia)

"Bioregionalism: A definition," by Peter Berg

"Bioregionalism and ecopsychology," by Ralph Metzner

"Bioregionalism: The need for a firmer theoretical foundation," by Don Alexander, University of Waterloo

"Bioregional perspective on the Chesapeake Bay" by Sara Gottlieb

"Bioregionalism: Watershed planning and community design," by Daniel Williams, AIA

Northwest Earth Institute

bioregionalism resources

bioregionalism bibliography

chaordic thinking

Chaordic Commons

"Global citizen: the chaordic age," by Donella Meadows (2000)

chaordic design process

"The art of chaordic leadership," by Dee Hock (2000)

"Birth of the chaordic century," by Dee Hock  (1998)

Birth of the Chaordic Age - book review

book review - Business Spirit Journal

chaordic community creation - Lyceum Group

chaos theory

Chaos: Making a New Science, by James Gleick

What is chaos?

Chaos theory: Brief introduction

Introduction to Chaos Theory

A Beginners Guide to Chaos

Chaos theory resources

Chaos Without the Math

A theory of everything: Virtual chaos

chaos theory & dialectics

chaos theory resources & links

Chaos Theory & Fractals, by Jonathan Mendelson and Elana Blumenthal

Fractals and Chaos Theory

Chaos Group - University of Maryland

chaos theory - Pennsylvania State

stock market as a chaotic system

chaos theory & crisis management

civil society

Philiosophy and Civil Society

"An essay on the history of civil society," by Adam Ferguson (1767)

United Nations: Partners in Civil Society

UNEP & Civil Society

UNDP & Civil Society

UN Habitat & Civil Society

UNESCO & Civil Society

World Bank & Civil Society

Inter-American Development Bank & Civil Society

European Commission and Civil Society

US AID & Civil Society

International Labour Organization (ILO) & Civil Society

Hoover Institution & Civil Society

Center for Civil Society Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Centre for Civil Society (India)

Centre for Civil Society (UK)

Centre for Civil Society (South Africa)

Civil Society International

Civil Society Institute

Civitas International


OneWorld civil society

World Civil Society Forum (Geneva, 2002)

Civil Society: the New Force (Mihan Foundation)

"The paradox of civil society," by Michael Foley & Bob Edwards, Journal of Democracy (1996)

"Civil society: an unfolding cultural struggle," by David Korten, People Centered Development Forum, USA

"All this 'civil society' talk takes us nowhere," by Aziz Choudry (Jan 2002)

"Civil society: The third global power," Nicanor Perlas, Centre for Alternative Development, Philippines (2000)

"Civil society and social movments," UNRISD

Civil Society and Governance

Transparency & Civil Society Project (Carnegie Endowment)

Rio+10 and Civil Society

complexity theory

Primer on Complexity Theory

Complexity theory

Complexity theory, another way to describe the world

Complexity theory: introductory models

Introduction to Complexity Theory

"Complexity, complex systems, and chaos theory: organisations as self-adaptive complex systems" - Brint Institute (USA)

"Complexity theory and management practice," by Jonathan Rosenhead (1998)

"Complexity theory and social evolution," by Victor MacGill (New Zealand)

"Complexity theory and social research," by David Byrne, University of Surrey

"Phenomenal complexity theory and change at Disney," by David Boje (2000)

"What is descriptive complexity theory?"

Complexity Research Programme (UK)

Complexity International

Complexity reading list

game theory

Game theory of coalition building

social movement theory

Social movement theory: the main concepts

Participatory research on social movements practice

S ocial movement theory (Cornell)

S ocial movements - SOSIG

Frontiers in Social Movement Theory (1992) - review

Social Movements: Identity, Culture and the State (2002) - review

Methods of Social Movement Research (2002) - overview

Social movement studies

Studying the US Political Right - Political Research Associates

social network analysis

Introduction to social network analysis

Introduction to Social Network Analysis, by Stanley Wasserman, University of Illinois

International Network for Social Network Analysis

Bibliography on social network analysis methods

Social network analysis instructional website

Social network analysis (Cornell)

Social network analysis (Harvard)

Systems thinking

Systems Thinking - Rocky Mountain Institute

Systems thinking resources

Systems thinking map

Methods for systems thinking

Systems: The Science of How Things Are Connected

applied systems thinking

Systems thinking: What does it mean?

Systems thinking and sustainable development

Industrial ecology and systems thinking

Systems Thinking Primer for Natural Capitalism

Systems thinking in education - Holistic Education Network

International Society for Systems Science

Systems Thinking - Skymark

Systems Thinking Press

Centre for Strategic Management

Systems Thinking International

Systems Thinking and Chaos Theory Network

Systems Thinking for Leaders and Supervisors

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